Birmingham: The Original Patty Men

img_5172Some friends and I decided to have an explore around Digbeth a couple of weekends ago and in the process ended up getting very hungry!  I had seen the Original Patty Men online that week and so we decided we would check it out.

The restaurant itself is tucked under a railway bridge just around the corner from Moor Street Station and has the urban-rustic feel about it, with chipboard style walls and metal fittings. We sat outside and they had blankets and heaters to keep us warm.


We all opted for the regular cheeseburger, and got shared some of the fries- one normal and the other with their special mix of spices. It was truly delicious and the burger was not attempting to be healthy, with plenty of sauce and juices from the burger! The fries were also scrumptious and I would definitely recommend the OPM spiced fries. We opted for tap water (student life!) but they did have lots of beers and wines to choose from.


The prices were not bad, with mine totalling £8.50. The only thing that let it down was the wait, it was 45 minutes at around 2.30pm, and there is no way to book. Despite this, we all agreed it was definitely worth the wait.

If I have intrigued you, their menu and address can be found on their website.

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