Birmingham: Yorks Bakery Cafe

Sometimes work needs to be done away from the library, study room or flat. I think doing work in a different environment when you are having a lull in inspiration can really help. Plugging in headphones, listening to some chilled music (currently the playlist ‘Easy’ on Spotify for me) and eating some yummy food can really help me on my off days.


I’ve been to Yorks a couple of times now when this is the case, and it has proven to be the perfect spot. It’s a cafe just round the corner for New Street Station and its aesthetic is an urban raw environment, with wooden benches, hanging lightbulbs and artwork splattering the plain walls.

From the couple of times I have been I highly recommend the poached eggs off the Brunch menu, and just off to the right of this picture – the smore tart- every bit as good as it sounds!! My friend had the Shawmarma Flatbread on the visit shown in the picture.

You order at the till, and they will bring it over- everyone is lovely, and downstairs where I usually sit there is board games to play if you are going along for just a coffee with friends. The pricing is reasonable for any coffee shop in the city centre.

Whatever the occasion, I highly recommend Yorks, the food is delicious and the atmosphere never fails to make me feel welcome.

Their website has all the details of opening times and menus.

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