Travel: Kotor, Montenegro


An unsung hero, and one of the most beautiful places I have visited is how I described Kotor to a friend recently. I feel it is about time I write a post which is not about Birmingham, and instead about travel. Kotor in Montenegro seemed appropriate to start as it is, without doubt, one of the most spectacular places I have visited.

I visited Kotor last summer on a cruise around the Adriatic sea (highly recommend), we woke early as we found out from research that this meant we could see the boat pull through the winding estuary to reach Kotor itself. Waking up at 6am did not disappoint, Kotor is located in a valley that is sometimes called the ‘southernmost Fjord’- and although the geography student in me is upset by this as it is not formed in the same process as a glacial Fjord, I can see the similarities. Towering mountains are on either side as you enter a spectacular high sided, narrow valley.


img_4367Kotor itself is unspoilt. Yes there are tourist targeted shops and restaurants, but it definitely had a feel of a quaint town rather than a tourist hotbed. We took the long  path up to Kotor’s Castle Of San Giovanni, which was a hard walk (take good shoes!) and me and my Dad only made it two thirds of the way! The panoramic view was picturesque, and made the very sweaty walk all worthwhile. If physical exercise isn’t your thing, the Old Town at the base of this pathway was equally as beautiful with the traditional red roofed, white washed buildings and some beautiful churches, as well as one of the first pharmacies in the world.img_4321

It is a hidden gem that is worth exploring if you are fed up of the same places and want to escape to somewhere new- although I would only recommend for a couple of days if you are the type who likes to keep busy, as there are not 101 things to do in this small town.





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