Travel: An afternoon in Wells, Somerset


Exams have ended and I am back on the blog at long last! I visited Wells the other week with my family on the long drive back up from Devon and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed our couple of hours there.

We wanted to have a look at the cathedral and that certainly didnt disappoint but we also managed to find a very cute cafe for lunch. My dad asked how I spotted it, as it was very unassuming outside- my mums response was she’s got good at sussing these places out in Birmingham!

It was called Square Edge Cafe, and although it seemed a favour with locals, many others stuck with the pub or Ask Italian nearby. However this little gem was delicious- I had chorizo hash which was yummy but I was very jealous of my brothers BBQ Pulled Chicken Bun- it looked amazing!


The staff were lovely, and although one of the ovens was broken (I think that was the issue if my memory serves me right) the food arrived quickly and as you can see from the picture above my family couldn’t wait to tuck in. A good pointer is there is a pretty courtyard out back if the British weather is suitable for once!

After leaving we headed over to the Cathedral, we visited back in 2009, and so we decided to make a revisit. I am planning on doing a post on my favourite Anglican Cathedrals as after visiting Newcastle earlier this year I can now say I have visited all 42 cathedrals (including Isle of Man and Gibraltar!)- let me know if that would be interesting to see it from a different viewpoint.


The cathedral had an amazing library. The front section had (what seemed like) every book about churches and cathedrals that anyone can look at, and there were very friendly librarians. Then behind a gate was the old section you can see above. Expensive books were kept on chains to stop them from being stolen, and the smell would of been heaven for anyone who loves that old bookshop smell!

I would love to go back to Wells for a bit longer, the town centre seemed to be filled with cute streets to explore, if you want to check out the cafe have a look here

Speak soon, Lottie x




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