Birmingham, Akbar’s



On Saturday evening I was lucky enough to be taken out by my boyfriend and his parents to the renowned Akbar’s on Hagley Road in Birmingham. I had heard a lot about  this restaurant already and my dad has been promising to take me all year! According to the menu and website they were awarded ‘King of Curry’ two years running and the Telegraph named them as ‘Restaurant of the Year’. After reading this I had very high expectations!


One thing I was unprepared for was the sheer size of the place, it could probably seat between one and two hundred people at a time plus there was a large waiting area as we walked in which meant there was a busy air and loud atmosphere instantly, something which I loved. We waited in the designated section with a buzzer that rang once our table was ready (TOP TIP: only parties of 10 or more can book ahead so expect a wait). It was ready quicker than we expected so we walked through the busy restaurant past the power walking waiters and open kitchen area to our table.

Between the 4 of us we ordered a starter each but shared all of them. We picked a selection of onion bhajis, kebabs and samosas. The starters were delicious and came in huge portions, they managed to get the perfect balance of spiciness too. For mains, two of us ordered the king prawn and chicken balti (I would highly recommend this dish), one ordered the balti and my boyfriend chose the “Big ‘un for the Big Man” challenge. As you can see in the picture below, this should only be attempted by those with a very very large appetite as it includes a lamb and chicken curry, a whole plate of pilau rice and a FAMILY naan all for one person!


The rest of us ordered a family naan between us which came hanging on a kind of hook and I’m not joking when I say they were the size of a small pillow, we barely managed to eat half between us! As for my boyfriend, he did not defeat his mammoth meal and although he enjoyed it, he struggled walking home after because he was so full!

The meal was extremely good value for the portion sizes and I enjoyed the chatty atmosphere throughout our visit. Unfortunately for us we were seated next to a very loud 16th birthday party who sometimes interrupted our meal with singing and clapping but apart from that we all had a very enjoyable evening. I’d definitely go back to Akbar’s with uni friends because if you share starters and side dishes like naan then it can be fairly inexpensive for a top quality curry night.

Thanks for reading all of this, hope I didn’t make you too hungry!

Love Maisie xxx


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  1. cezk1 says:

    That naan looks great!


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