Birmingham: Nosh and Quaff



Hi guys, it’s Maisie. We haven’t posted for a while (both been so busy!) so this post has been written by my boyfriend as a special feature, hope you enjoy reading it!

In mid May, I visited Nosh & Quaff with Maisie to give us some respite from an intense week of revision. We went to the restaurant on a Friday evening with high expectations about both the atmosphere and the food. The menu has seemingly been updated since we visited, and now looks a lot more extensive, whereas when we visited, I thought there could definitely have been a greater amount of options available. Anyway, we opted to share two starters before eating a main each. To start, we shared ‘Hunky Chunk Chicken’ (£3.95) and ‘Lobster Fritters’ (£6.75). Both were very tasty, and also had a good level of spice. These starters got the meal off to a good start, and left me optimistic for the main courses to come. I had opted for the Beef Ribs for Main Course, and honestly, I was left incredibly disappointed. The portion sizes were excellent, but I found the beef itself incredibly salty, and the sauce didn’t pack the punch which I was hoping for. This could have been my own fault, as I was perhaps expecting a more typical BBQ flavour, but at a price of £15, I was expecting a more impressive tasting dish. My girlfriend had a Cheese Burger, and thought it was a tasty and enjoyable, but “nothing special”. IMG_4425

We both had a glass of wine with the meal, which was at a reasonable price, and we both enjoyed the atmosphere, but if we returned, we would try out the bar upstairs, which seemed to be where a lot of people were heading after their meal. We decided to finish our meal off with the cheesecake (£5), a dish which we both normally enjoy. The dessert was an interesting take on cheesecake, as each layer had been deconstructed. Again, it was tasty, but perhaps more elaborate than was necessary. Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the evening as a whole, but I was disappointed with my main course, and would choose differently if I decided to return.


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