Hi thanks for having a look at our corner of the internet- this is a space for us to share ideas and a space to ramble about our adventures & experiences.

I’m Lottie and I’m originally from Cheshire. I enjoy photography, and when I am not studying physical geography, no doubt you will find me curled up with a bar of chocolate and a cup of tea with some new series on Netflix!

I’m Maisie and I come from Cheltenham. I love tap & ballet and eating…lots! I study human geography and, unlike Lottie, I prefer my evenings spent dancing my night away in a club!

We met in our first week of uni and both love to explore our new home (however cliché it sounds!) especially when it comes to food. This blog is relatively new, so stick with us – hopefully this can be something you enjoy reading as much as we have enjoyed creating it.